Working at Artifacture Systems

Artifacture Systems is comprised of multinationals coming together to achieve a common goal.

Artifacture Systems values the philosophy of progression and simplification in abundantly diversified world of business. We are comprised of multinationals of different circumstance and background working in various positions, who have come together to achieve one common goal.

Some of the special features of working in Artifacture Systems.

Here at Artifacture Systems each one of us get to learn the company philosophy, that is, "Think" "Create" "Provide" philosophy, and follow the "Behavioural Guidelines". This helps not just in strengthen the companies, but also builds an induviduals personal Work Culture.
When an induvidual comes to follow "Create Twice" "Learning Twice" and "Process of prioritizing the purpose" then it becomes their tools for strengthening the ideals for themselves and inturn contributing to the companies ideals. Its quiet common here for every one to be working in such well established harmony and great co-operation.

Experience in Artifacture Systems and the points which influence an induvidual.

Experience for you in Artifacture Systems should be quite interesting and at the same time making it valuable for you no matter which ever level you get in to. You get to interact with the client directly and are exposed to the business requirements first hand. You take up implementation of those requirement hands on directly. This gives you the unique oppurtunity to improve on your business and technical knowledge along with client facing techniques. If there is any kind of difficulty, there is always help around the corner. In this way Artifacture Systems has its focus set toward progression by helping the induviduals achieving their goals. Thus, everyone gets to evolve personally and professionally.

Introduction to our Staff

Sudhindra Sathyanarayana

スディンドラ サティヤナラヤナ

Is a Bilingual Systems Engineer with 7+years of experience, 2years of those experience has been in Japan. He was more than happy and excited to be working once again in a Japanese company after a long hiatus of 8 years and has joined Artifacture Systems in Feb 2016.

What is he working on?

As a Systems Engineer, he has been working on projects such as
* iMatchUp - is an iOS application for people who want to form combinations of players while they meet for a "Game of Tennis". 
* Ramen55 - is an Web application for the owners of Ramen Shop who want to manage the costing of various resources of their respective shops.


How is it to work in AFS?

“Artifacture Systems is abbrevated to AFS and is a place where positive atmosphere is noticeable at all levels. People are helpful; and very genuine. There seemed something entirely different compared to my previous experience with Japanese. My choice was based on two things. The people and the work.”
“When getting to work in a foregin environment there is this intangible quality that comes into picture, called ‘fit’. Each company develops a corporate persona that may or may not fit one's personality. This encompasses many things from work ethics to goals to the type of people hired through whatever conscious and sub-conscious thought processes. 
For instance, even at personal level my Indian-ness and traditional practices never came in the way of smoothly blending amongst the native Japanese, inturn I was welcomed with great openess.
I am a vegetarian and would find it difficult to visit resturants here in Japan with my co workers. But, every time there was any get together, they ensured and considered my food preference with highest priority and would select those resturants which would be suitable to me. Even to the extent that they choose to dine in Indian resturant many a times.
There are several instance when they have helped me find my apartment and the place of stay.
I should not fail to add how I have greatly improved in my useage of Japanese language too, due to their continious and intutive inputs of best usage of language. ”
“At Artifacture Systems people are empowered to build and create their goals and ethic on both those levels, so it felt right.
I was not hired on contract, as is the norm in Japanese companies. I was being hired as a fulltime employee.”

Kalyani Abhay Paranjpe

カルヤニ アベ パランジュペ

Is a Bilingual System Engineer with 3+years of experience, and having previously worked in Japan. She, was looking forward for this oppurtunity to join and start working once again in a Japanese company and especially this time for a long term, and has joined Artifacture Systems in June 2016.

What is she working on?

As a Systems Engineer, she has been working on projects such as
* Ramen55 - is an Web application for the owners of Ramen Shop who want to manage the costing of various resources of their respective shops.