About Artifacture Systems

Artifacture Systems was established in December 2005, as a IT Outsourcing and Management establishment in Tokyo, Japan. Our traditional business model is based on building IT infrastructure for our clients with well established Business traditions and Business support systems backed by IT. The revenue of the company is 4.5Million Yens up and counting. There is a great deal of growth that can be achieved in IT service sector which needs personel with maximised skill set and business acumen. In addition to investing in IT services and outsourcing we also are well set in creating and developing IT products that are throughly built with strong IT knowledge and which adhere to the niche client market.

Message from CEO

Mr. Akio Takakura
President and CEO

In today's Technology driven world where technology seems to drive the customers needs instead of needs driving the innovation of newer technology, the emphasis shift to continious innovation and improvement on, business and personal front.
We at Artifacture systems are thriving to build those opportunities and building them. Thus, when an induvidual expresses an idea or concieves a concept of IT he gets to bring it into reality in actual operations, businessess services, etc. Come, Join us! to realize your thoughts.
November, 2016
Artifacture Systems Inc., President & CEO Akio Takakura

Company Strategy


To be the provider of paradigm shift for a future with IT Enabled and Enhanced services with well established relationship and profitability.


1. Growth in the field of IT Enabled and Enhance services and develop strong ties with growing customer base.
2. To build a recognised and loyal name in the field of IT services and become a valued partner.
4. To provide high quality IT services that goes beyond the expectations of our esteemed customers.

Mission statement

To establish a meaningful solutions pursuing IT service and support through constant innovation using well established philosophy and processes and advanced technology.

Specialities of Artifacture Systems

Artifacture Systems collaborates with specialist partners for specialised businesses and together brings to you the packaged solutions utilizing IT.